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Mario Batali Italian Pizza Stone for the Grill

Mario Batali Italian Pizza Stone for the Grill

Mario Batali Italian Pizza Stone for the Grill

I love making my own pizzas from scratch, especially when they're baked on a pizza stone in the oven. Although it's not quite up to a traditional brick oven pizza, the results are pretty close. The crust comes out extra golden, crispy and crunchy and the cheese and toppings are bubbling on top. Sounds delicious right? Well, it's fun to make pizzas in the house during the winter, but what about when summer arrives? I found the perfect solution!The cool new Mario Batali Chianti Red Pizza Stone lets you bake your own gourmet brick oven style pizzas and flatbreads all summer long right on the grill. This 14" pizza stone sits on top of an enameled cast iron frame to keep it the ideal distance from the flames. It features a raised lip in the back to prevent the pizza from sliding back, winged handles on the sides for easy lifting and can withstand temperatures up to 500° F. Wouldn't you rather have the rich smoky flavor of a brick oven style pizza at your next summer BBQ feast? It's the perfect addition to the traditional mix of steaks, burgers, ribs, chops and more. Green Head Tip: This sounds weird, but if you're making a veggie-style pizza, try using hummus instead of pizza sauce. It's incredible! Let us know in the Comments below what your favorite toppings and pizza making secrets are.

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  • Make pizza and flatbreads fresh from the grill
  • Gives a rich smoky flavor traditional ovens can't match
  • 14" stone rests on an enameled cast iron frame
  • Pizza cooks at a perfect distance from the flames
  • Raised lip in the back keeps the pie from slipping
  • Wing handles for easy lifting
  • Safe for temperatures up to 500° F
  • Rinse clean - Paddle not included

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