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Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Back in the good old days, when they actually were better, if you missed the ice cream truck on a hot summer day, you might still have had some extra ice cream sandwiches hidden in the freezer somewhere. Well, now you can think back fondly on those carefree, ice cream-fueled summers while enjoying a much healthier, homemade ice cream sandwich that you made from scratch using this cool new Chef'n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker.

This fun silicone ice cream sandwich maker produces four sandwiches at a time and allows you to make endless flavor combinations using cookie or brownie mixes and different ice cream flavors. You can even make them as healthy as you want. Just prepare the batter of your choice, fill the silicone sandwich molds and bake them in the oven, then use the middle form to add the ice cream to the center and freeze for an hour or two before devouring. They're perfect for parties of all kinds, summertime snacks, or just a fun project to get the kids involved with... if you can lure them away from their glowing screens.

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