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Gourd Doorstop

Gourd Doorstop

Gourd Doorstop

If you've always wondered what gourds are actually good for, decorative doorstops of course! These cool new Gourd Doorstops are made from weighty natural gourds that are perfect for propping open a door as a doorstop, supoorting a row of books as a bookend, holding down papers as a paperweight, or just sitting out by itself as a sculptural conversation piece. Uniquely weird in a fun and functional way.


  • Fun doorstop is a natural conversation piece
  • Also makes a standalone sculpture, handy bookend, or used in seasonal displays
  • Weighty enough to prop open a door or support a stack of books on a shelf
  • Each gourd is naturally unique
  • Polyurethane coating protects against moisture, use indoors or on a porch or other protected place outside
  • Size: 10" H

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