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Nintendo NES 8-Bit 3D Wooden Pixel Art

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Nintendo NES 8-Bit 3D Wooden Pixel Art

Send your lawn decorations and wall art in a warp zone back to the 80s when you display these cool new yet very retro Nintendo NES 8-Bit 3D Wooden Pixel Art.These handmade 3D wooden art pieces are inspired by the characters and items from the good old NES 8-Bit days and are sure to cause a few double takes and smiles. Like how cool would Super Mario Bros. 2 Luigi look running through your turnip patch, Mega Man blasting away garden gnomes, the Duck Hunt dog popping up from behind your bushes, or a fire from Legend of Zelda decoratively sitting in an unused fireplace? They make all of these and a ton more including the head-banging Bonk from the TurboGrafx 16.

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