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Bookcase Wallpaper

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Bookcase Wallpaper

Each roll of this cool new Bookcase Wallpaper from Koziel depicts over 570 books on bookshelves that will help transform the walls of a simple, boring room into that of a cozy reading den or library. Unlike wallpaper way in the future that will probably depict retro e-readers from the early 21st century or something, this elegant wallpaper depicts bookshelves housing old, leather-bound books from a more civilized age. This unique vinyl wallpaper roll is designed to minimize the impression of repetition in the books and uses contrasting areas of darkness and light to give it all a realistic 3D effect. Anyways, now you can enjoy reading from your modern e-reader in a room full of faux ancient books.


  • Magnificent wallpaper creation depicting an old bookcase full of beautiful, old, leather-bound books from the beginning of the last century
  • Contrasting areas of darkness and light give depth and create a 3D effect
  • Colors appear slightly polarized, adding a touch of poetry and elegance

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