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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower

Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower

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If you love to read, but have limited book storage space or have many books that you would like to store in a unique, double-take-inducing way, then check out this cool new Story Bookcase from Design Within Reach. Standing over 6 ft tall, this minimalist vertical bookshelf tower has a discreet galvanized steel frame and 12 rotatable shelves that seem to disappear when your favorite books are stacked up high on it. Each shelf can hold up to 7 lbs, so it's also great for storing towels in the bathroom, your finest curios and collectibles, or whatever else you can dream up in a small, compact footprint that's just over a square foot. It's also available in a shorter size, in a variety of colorful finishes, and as a planter version as well.

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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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Story Bookcase - Minimalist Vertical Bookshelf Tower
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