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Neverending Story eReader Cover

Neverending Story eReader Cover

Neverending Story eReader Cover

Paper books may be dying off quickly, but storytelling and imagination will never end... unless the horrifying Nothing erases everything. Just to be on the safe side, it's best to wrap your 21st century eReader inside this cool new Neverending Story eReader Cover. Yep, now you can finally get your hands on the infamous Neverending Story book complete with Auryn medallion on the front. An eReader can literally contain a never-ending supply of books of stories, so this seems fairly appropriate. Luck Dragons, Rock Biters, racing snails, sad horses sinking in swamps, and deadly glowing Oracles not included. Also available for iPad, iPad Mini, and laptops. So cool, but if you don't know what the Neverending Story is... the Nothing has won.

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