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Gigantic Dinosaur Bones

Gigantic Dinosaur Bones

Gigantic Dinosaur Bones

These cool new yet quite prehistoric-inspired Gigantic Dinosaur Bones from Design Toscano are realistic-looking dinosaur bones from an unknown species that will have kids, paleontologists, dogs, and your neighbors alike doing a massive double take. Scatter them around your home's landscape or stack them for unique outdoor decor, use them for Halloween decorations or fun pranks, prop one up in your living room and make up some tall tale on how you got it, or just bury one in the garden for someone to randomly find one day. Endless possibilities. While these ancient bones may look like they've been buried for 65 million years, they're actually hand-cast using real crushed stone that's bonded with high quality designer resin and then individually hand-painted in a faux stone finish. If you think one bone is just not going to be enough to satisfy your desire to decorate with dinosaur parts... then check out this Life-sized Dinosaur Skeleton.

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