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Professor Retro's Space Food Sampler

Professor Retro's Space Food Sampler

Professor Retro's Space Food Sampler


A long, long time ago, outer space was the final frontier of human exploration and we all dreamed of a day in the future when we could all go there too, to live, work and play, just like the heroic astronauts. Well, now in the 21st century we have a near-bankrupt space program, a space station with broken toilets and a robotic rover stuck somewhere on Mars. Thankfully, we can still relive our fond memories as children when we looked to the stars, munched on freeze-dried Astronaut Ice Cream and Space Food Sticks and could still imagine the possibilities with Professor Retro's Space Food Sampler. Inside this fun box, is a tasty collection of 13 intergalactic freeze-dried snacks like Astronaut Ice Cream, Space Food Sticks, Astronaut Apples and Bananas, Splashdown Flavor Stix and more. It's the perfect fuel for the imagination as you sit behind a desk all day wishing you were the dashing pilot of a starship, warping through deep space and laser-blasting aliens into slimy green astro goop.

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