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Steampunk Hour Glass Grandfather Clock

Steampunk Hour Glass Grandfather Clock

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This cool new Hourglass Grandfather Clock from Howard Miller not only looks like it would be at home in some alternate industrial steampunk universe, it also keeps time like a normal grandfather clock and has a huge manual turn hourglass sand timer in the center. It features a metal frame finished in aged iron, a weathered, heavily distressed wooden base, aged iron hands, a large dial with embossed gears finished in an aged sandstone that is covered by a convex glass crystal, quartz clock movement, plays either full Westminster or Ave Maria chimes with a strike on the hour with 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 chimes, and, thankfully, has volume controls and automatic nighttime chime shut-off if you enjoy sleeping. Best of all, steam power is not required to power this majestic grandfather clock, just two C batteries and minimum physical strength to turn the sand timer.

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Steampunk Hour Glass Grandfather Clock
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Steampunk Hour Glass Grandfather Clock
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Steampunk Hour Glass Grandfather Clock
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Steampunk Hour Glass Grandfather Clock
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Steampunk Hour Glass Grandfather Clock
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Steampunk Hour Glass Grandfather Clock
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