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Retro Phone Handset - Classic Handset for Your Cell Phone!

Retro Phone Handset - Classic Handset for Your Cell Phone!

I can't stand most cell phone headsets. I can't hear anything anyone ever says, so I just hang up on them. Plus, I don't care to resemble some Borg from Star Trek if I use one of those Bluetooth wireless headsets, nor do I want to appear that I am talking (loudly) to myself. I just want a headset that shows that I'm clearly on the phone, having a clear conversation, and not crazy.

Well, I went out and found the ultimate solution - The Retro Phone Handset. This is the coolest accessory option that I have ever seen for a modern cell phone. The Retro Phone Handset is an exact replica Western Electric 500-series model handset, curly phone cord and all, that attaches directly to your cell phone.

I don't know about you, but I loved those old classic phones. They had great quality, great clarity, and good weight. Attaching one to a cell phone is such a great idea. Now I can finally slam down the handset again, instead of trying to do one of those hard closes on my flip phone. I just need to remember to hit the "end call" button afterwards.

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