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Black Bears Paddling in a Canoe - Draft Dodger

Black Bears Paddling in a Canoe - Draft Dodger

This winter, I have been duct taping this and caulking that to fight cold air leaks, but I also needed a way to prevent cold drafts from coming in under my door as well. I came across this Black Bear Draft Dodger and thought it looked like a festive and effective way to, well... dodge drafts.

Simply place this functional piece of home decor in front of any door or windowsill and the three little black plush bears paddling a canoe will keep those chilly drafts from leaking in. The draft dodger is stuffed with sand to keep it weighted down and is still light enough to move when the door is opened. It also makes a great doorstopper year round.


  • Lay in front of any door or on any windowsill to keep out the draft
  • Made of plush polyester fabric
  • Filled with sand stuffing
  • Each bear has unique hat and scarf
  • Heavy enough to stay put, light enough to move
  • Measures approximately 34-1/4" x 10-3/4" x 6"

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