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Glow Graffiti Light Spray - Paint With Light

Glow Graffiti Light Spray - Paint With Light

Now you can paint with light with the cool new Glow Graffiti Light Spray. This high-tech spray paint actually isn't paint at all, but a UV light torch disguised as a spray paint can. When you press down on the can's nozzle, it activates a super bright LED light that charges and causes a special glow-in-the-dark paint on the included canvas to glow. As you "spray" around, it will seem as though you are magically painting with light. The glow fades over time, so the canvas is reusable over and over again. It also includes a stencil set to spell out glowing messages.

It's too bad you're limited to only drawing on the canvas and that it doesn't actually spray some kind of glowing radioactive ooze for nighttime graffiti fun. Although vandals and professional taggers might be dissapointed, I'm sure kids and cats alike would love to play with this.

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  • Designer: rAndom International
  • Spray can-shaped UV light torch with a bright LED light near the nozzle
  • Bright LED light near the nozzle charges the paint on the canvas
  • 70cm x 70cm Glow in the Dark Canvas
  • Includes stencil set to spell out glowing messages
  • Reusable - Glow slowly fades away over time
  • Materials: UV Lamp Spray Can, Stencils, Glow Canvas

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