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Miniature Greenhouse Garden Row Tunnels

Miniature Greenhouse Garden Row Tunnels

Miniature Greenhouse Garden Row Tunnels

These cool new Miniature Greenhouse Garden Row Tunnels help protect garden plants from harsh weather and hungry pests and help trap warmth and moisture for earlier Spring plantings and extended growing times well into the Fall. They feature adjustable vents at each end to help prevent overheating, have a handle on top for easy plant access, include four anchoring stakes to keep them securely in place, and can easily be lined up to form longer rows. A great space-saving alternative to a massive greenhouse, even thought that would be nice to have as well.

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  • Works as miniature greenhouses for small groups of plants or garden rows
  • Traps warmth and moisture and allows earlier spring planting
  • Warms the soil and protects plants from harsh weather
  • UV-resistant clear plastic with a black powder-coated galvanized steel frame
  • Protects plants from cold temperatures and chilling winds
  • Galvanized steel pegs secure the entire assembly to the ground
  • Keeps plants safe from animal pests
  • Line up several to cover a longer row
  • Start planting earlier in spring and extend the season into fall
  • More attractive than fabric row covers
  • Keeps birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and insect pests away from plants
  • Adjustable vents at each end help prevent overheating
  • Lift the cloche using the handle on the top for easy access to plants
  • Reusable, year after year
  • Includes four anchoring stakes.
  • Size: 20" W x 39" L x 14" H - 7.5 lbs

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