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Grow Your Own Super Mario 1up Mushroom

Grow Your Own Super Mario 1up Mushroom

Grow Your Own Super Mario 1up Mushroom

I'm not sure if they are legal or not outside of the Mushroom Kingdom, but now you can Grow Your Own 1up Mushrooms. Super Mario and his brother Luigi have smuggled in some very rare and magical extra life mushroom spores in through the water pipes, so you can grow one right on your desk at work. Simply add potting soil to the cool green warp pipe planter, water it and keep it in the underworld where it's dark. Soon your 1up mushroom will appear and you'll get one more chance at conquering the evil Bowser and rescuing the Princess!

Hmmm, some of you may believe this is real, it isn't. This 1up mushroom is actually made of vinyl and is from Japan, but the sewer-pipe planter really does hold soil. A great illusion for any office cubicle or Super Mario fan.

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  • Officially Licensed Nintendo Collectable
  • Create the illusion you have really grown your own 1up Mushroom
  • Simply add soil to the pot (not included) and push the mushroom down into the soil
  • Pot and Mushroom Stand about 6" high

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