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Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter

Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter

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This summer, combine your love for gardening and love for cocktails with this cool new Plant-A-Bar. This unique outdoor fruit, vegetable, and herb planter doubles as a bar to entertain guests around and allows them to hand-pick their very own fresh sprigs and garnishes for their drinks or even little vegetables for Bloody Marys. It's constructed in Vermont from North American cedar that is reclaimed from lumber mill trimmings and finished butcher-block style with rustproof aluminum corners and trim and has a fold down bar shelf for holding drinks and appetizers. A great way to get your drink on while tending to the garden as well. Available in two sizes.

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Banana Farm Greenhouse - Grow Bananas Right on Your Desk!
It includes everything you need to get started growing banana trees of your very own: banana tree seed pack, greenhouse, stones, planting mixture, instructions, info sheet and of course, a cute little decorative monkey.
Finger Lime Trees
I've never heard of a finger lime before, but with a little online research, I've learned that these exotic little oblong limes are native to Australia and are filled with citrusy caviar-like bubbles that pair nicely with oysters and other seafood or can just be enjoyed as is.
Horti Hood Pop-Up Greenhouse
Whether it's spring, autumn, or anytime in between, shelter and protect your plants and seedlings from cold temperatures, high winds, and other inclement weather using this cool new Horti Hood Pop-Up Greenhouse.
Herbal Tea Crate
Inside this large, reusable wooden crate is everything you need to grow and make your very own gourmet chamomile, peppermint, and lemon verbena herbal teas.
Circular Terra Cotta Plant Surrounds
These decorative Mediterranean-inspired circular plant surrounds are made from natural, unglazed terra cotta and, like edging, help give plants, flowers, and bushes crisp, formal definition and help prevent weeds from spreading.
Tiger Head Planter
While at first glance it may look like there's a giant tiger in your room, hiding inside a bush, and staring you down like prey, it's actually just an earthenware planter shaped like a tiger head with a houseplant on top.
Wrap Vase / Planter
Unique planters/vases made from hand-wrapped clay ribbons, resulting in a raw, sculptural design.
Hanging Tree Trellis with Pumpkin / Flower Pot Holders
A sculptural metal tree-shaped trellis with five holder rings amongst the limbs that can support flower pots in the spring, herbs in the summer, little pumpkins or mums in the fall, poinsettias around the holidays, or anything you can dream up.
Enchanted Forest Terrarium Domes
These little enchanted forests are protected from the real world under glass domes and are handcrafted in France from artificial plants, vines, branches, and more - no maintenance required.

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Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
This is the ultimate mobile bar cart for doing some serious entertaining outdoors in total luxurious style.
Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
This luxurious ice bucket / wine cooler is shaped like an inverted top hat and is handcrafted by artisans in Turkey from gently antiqued copper with a food safe inner tin lining.
Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
Double-walled drinking vessels that are specially designed to deliver the perfect whiskey drinking experience.
Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
Hexagon-shaped cups that are designed to easily re-rack, setup in different shape configurations, and be gapless for quicker, more fun games.
Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
This cool solid aluminum 3 inch cube has the six most most common liquid measurements all in one.
Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
This cool new Last Man Standing Bullet Whiskey Glass is a hand-blown, 10 oz whiskey glass with a faux metal 50 caliber bullet lodged in its side.
Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
This antique-silver ice bucket has a spooky vampire bat guarding the ice inside, because that's usually what bats do at parties.
Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
If you love the complex hoppy flavor of IPAs, then serve them up in these dedicated drinking vessels designed to preserve and enhance the taste.
Plant-A-Bar - Wooden Outdoor Bar And Planter
An aluminum can shaped beer glass with a German Oktoberfest like logo emblazoned on the side.

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