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Creepy Animated Window Tapping Witch

Creepy Animated Window Tapping Witch

Creepy Animated Window Tapping Witch

Want to seriously terrify someone this halloween? Then simply hang this super creepy Animated Tapping Witch outside their window. Forget the pictures above and jump right to the video below to see how eerily realistic this witch is as she taps 3 times on the window either via motion detection or being set to to tap every 10 seconds. This three-dimensional wicked witch is realistic in size, has a real fabric hat, and affixes to any window from a suction cup. Again check out this VIDEO ... if you dare... *shudder*

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  • Pssst. Don't look now but I think there's someone at the window
  • Three-dimensional peeping Halloween witch figure that hangs from and taps on a window
  • Eerily realistic in size and features
  • Affix this would-be visitor to the window of any room where unsuspecting guests might venture
  • Easily hangs on any window, indoors or out, with an attached/included suction cup
  • Motion activation prompts figure to tap three times
  • Can also be set to regularly tap three times every 10 seconds
  • Vinyl construction with a real fabric hat
  • On, off, and timer settings
  • Powered by three AAA batteries
  • Size: 10" W x 9"D x 30"H - less than 1 lb

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