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Herbsicle - Frozen Herb Keeper

Herbsicle - Frozen Herb Keeper

Herbsicle - Frozen Herb Keeper

You can't beat fresh herbs, but if you only need a little and don't want a bunch to go bad in the fridge afterward, then check out this cool new Chef'N Herbsicle. This innovative little contraption is like a spice jar for fresh herbs that preserves them in your freezer until needed. Simply grab fresh, leafy herbs like basil, cilantro, mint, and more, stuff into the container, twist the handle to compress them down, label the herb name on the handle, and store in the freezer. When needed, simply remove the cap, twist the handle to push down a desired amount, and grate it directly onto food or use a knife to slice off a disk for cooking. Check out the demo video to see it in action.

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