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ALIENS M41A Pulse Rifle

ALIENS M41A Pulse Rifle

"I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher." - Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Colonial Marines

In space, nobody can hear you scream, but if you're a Colonial Marine carrying a standard issue M41A Pulse Rifle, it doesn't matter. This futuristic 22nd century infantry weapon featured in the movie ALIENS is now available to you way ahead of its time. This officially licensed prop replica is 100% faithful in detail and size to the original M41A Pulse Rifle used in the movie. It features a light up LED ammo counter display that sets at "95" when the removable magazine is inserted, a moving grenade launcher pump handle, a metal collapsible shoulder stock and metal barrel vent, accurate "Brown Bess" colored aluminum shrouds and includes a themed wall display plaque complete with replica stock number.

If for some reason this doesn't wipe out those nasty, acid drooling xenomorphs, you can always just nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure!


  • 100% faithful prop-replica M41-A pulse rifle
  • Aluminum Shrouds the same dimensions as the original Hero Pulse Rifle
  • Accurate "Brown Bess" colored shrouds
  • Light up LED ammo counter display sets at "95" when the removable magazine is inserted
  • Moving Grenade Launcher pump handle
  • Metal collapsible shoulder stock - Metal barrel vent
  • Themed wall display plaque complete with replica stock number
  • Weighs in at 15 lbs

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