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Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue

Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue

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Before George Lucas ruined our childhoods with the Star Wars Special Editions and Prequels and before Disney activated the Death Star's Super Laser on the entire franchise afterwards, there was the original theatrical cut of Return of the Jedi in 1983... the last good Star Wars movie. I remember seeing it when I was a little kid in a jam-packed theater and I loved watching the vicious little Ewok teddy bears steal Speeder Bikes, try to roast our heroes Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca alive over an open fire on spits, take down the entire Empire with nothing but rocks, wooden spears, and clever traps, and then dance around in victory to the now deleted Yub Nub song in the middle of their incredible redwood forest treehouse village. If you were at the right age, it was totally awesome... and so was Wicket, the somewhat friendly little Ewok.

Well, if you're an Ewok fan too, now you don't need to travel to a galaxy far, far away to visit the Forest Moon of Endor just to spot one in the wild, because you can finally bring one home with this cool new Lifesize Wicket Ewok Statue. This handcrafted reproduction of Wicket stands 31" tall on a sturdy metal stand, has realistic Ewok fur, and wears a stylish red cowl. Even better (or weirder), his head comes off so you can wear it over your own. If your home, treehouse, or home theater is missing that little decorative something to help tie the room together, you can't go wrong with a furry and ferocious intergalactic teddy bear statue. Yub Nub!

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Great White Shark Fin Statue
It's not safe to go back into the water and now it's not safe to go in the yard, garden, patio, hallway, shower, cubicle, pool, fountain, or anywhere you place this ominously cool new Great White Shark Fin Statue.
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Dragon Tail Yard Display
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Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
In 1985, nobody could have predicted that in October 21, 2015 there would be a device called an iPad that, when connected to the internet, would contain all the sports scores in all of recorded history. So time traveler Marty McFly was destined to discover a paperback called Grays Sports Almanac, that had all the printed scores from 1950-2000, instead. However, it's currently June 26, 2013, and somehow they both now exist thanks to this cool new Back To The Future Grays Sports Almanac iPad Case that has mysteriously appeared. Obviously, a point in the space-time continuum has been changed.
Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
Wish you could go back to 1989 and relive that incredible summer of total Batmania? Well, you can't go back in time, but you can throw on a vintage black Batman logo t-shirt, blast Prince's BatDance on an old boombox, and attempt to assemble this massive 2,363 piece LEGO Batwing from the 1989 Batman flick.
Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
One of the more haunting scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark is when Indiana Jones pulls out an old double-clasped, embossed leather Dutch Bible to show the government officials an illustrated depiction of what the Ark of the Covenant might look like. Now you can have your very own print.
Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
These non-firing silver bullets are minted from one Troy ounce of pure .999 fine silver into the shape of a .45 ACP bullet.
Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
Is your next stop... The Twilight Zone? All you have to do is ask.
Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
If you've always dreamt of possessing the golden magic lamp from Disney's Aladdin, well, your wishes have been granted with this cool new Magic Lamp Teapot - no wisecracking, troublesome blue genie required nor included.
Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
o matter whether your room on Earth is as dry as a frigid winter on the planet Hoth, a dusty summer on Tatooine, or the static-electrified bowels of the Death Star, then you need this cool new R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier.
Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
This 1508 piece LEGO model of the G1 version of Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, actually transforms from a truck into a robotic life form.
Lifesize Wicket the Ewok Statue
When you absolutely, positively have to dispense freshly ground black pepper in the most epic way possible.

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