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Waiting Hand Automaton - Hand-Operated Kinetic Sculpture

Waiting Hand Automaton - Hand-Operated Kinetic Sculpture

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Why tap your own fingers when you're bored out of your mind or patiently waiting on someone, when this cool new Waiting Hand Automaton can do it for you instead? This handmade kinetic sculpture is a stunning mechanical curiosity that taps its fingers on the wooden base as the crank wheel on the side is slowly turned. It's perfect for pulling out during a long meeting at the office, right in the middle of a boring conversation, waiting in yet another endless traffic jam, after quickly making plans on a text message and then waiting 45 minutes for a simple reply as to what time to meet, waiting for someone to get ready, etc. Each piece is handcrafted to order in England and is sure to one day be a unique collectible... just make it tap while you wait. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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