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Star Wars R2-D2 Lawn Ornament

Star Wars R2-D2 Lawn Ornament

Star Wars R2-D2 Lawn Ornament

Garden gnomes are all kinda dumb, but I would make an exception for this cool new Star Wars R2-D2 Lawn Ornament. This concrete-looking resin astromech droid is perfect to watch over and guard your garden here on Earth, your home next to a swamp on Dagobah, or even a moisture farm on Tatooine. While R2-D2 can be tough in the face of intergalactic danger, you should still probably keep it far, far away from one of these equally cool Garden Jawas or poor Artoo might disappear forever into a SandCrawler.

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  • R2-D2 to watch over your yard
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Materials: Resin
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Size: 17.5" T x 11" W x 7" D - 6 1/2 lbs.

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