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Star Wars Garden Jawas

Star Wars Garden Jawas

Star Wars Garden Jawas

Sorry, but garden gnomes are so "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." and these cool new and very mischievous Star Wars Garden Jawas are in! Those tiny, robed droid scavengers from Tatooine have been scaled down, only slightly, for these solid, fully painted and all-weather resin garden sculptures. They're perfect for guarding everything from simple backyard gardens to full-blown moisture farms from the dark side and make excellent gifts for budding, green thumb Star Wars fans. Unfortunately, you'll probably need to place a restraining bolt on them to keep them from going on random vacations, but hopefully they send back pictures from their intergalactic adventures. Utinni!!!



  • Crafted in durable all-weather resin
  • Reflective amber-colored eyes
  • Armed with a garden tool bandolier, a garden hose, and a thumbs-up attitud
  • Sculpted in a chunky, garden gnome-like style
  • Size: 1' T

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