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Max Burton Portable Fridge / Freezer

Max Burton Portable Fridge / Freezer

Max Burton Portable Fridge / Freezer

Unlike most coolers that keep their contents barely cold with melting ice that gets food soggy, the cool new Max Burton Portable Fridge / Freezer is a rugged, powered cooler that has both a freezer and a refrigeration compartment to keep everything from ice cream frozen to beverage cans chilled on the go. It features a 53 quart capacity, can be set between -7° F to 53° F on an led control panel, has a 50.4 watt compressor that's DC powered for connecting to a car or boat (includes an AC to DC power converter too), and can maintain freezing temps for up to 2 days while powered or up to 4 hours when unpowered. Perfect for long road trips, weekend camping, picnics, boating, and more.

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  • Portable 53-quart cooler that is both a freezer and a refrigerator
  • Set temperature via an LED control panel from -7° F to 53° F
  • Keeps cool using a 50.4-watt compressor powered via a vehicle’s engine battery
  • Powered - unit can maintain freezing temperatures for up to two days
  • Unpowered - retains its temperature for four hours (while closed)
  • Automatically shuts off if the vehicle's battery voltage becomes too low
  • Ideal for road trips, picnics, or a weekend of camping
  • Spring-loaded rubber-wrapped steel handles provide comfortable transport
  • 1.17' cu. freezer compartment is divided to fit ice cream and frozen food
  • .3' cu. refrigeration compartment holds up to ten cans of soda
  • Includes 6' DC power cord for plugging into a car or boat and a AC to DC power converter for plugging into a standard AC outlet
  • Size: 17.25" H x 28" W x 18.5" D - 47.5 lbs

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