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100 Quart Rustic Beverage Cooler

100 Quart Rustic Beverage Cooler

100 Quart Rustic Beverage Cooler

The cool new 100 Quart Rustic Beverage Cooler will be just at home in your workshop as your next party. Unlike those cheap plastic coolers, this one is handmade and built-to-last with durable barn board construction and a galvanized steel inner lining that will keep your drinks ice cold for hours. It features a built-in drain plug, a handy bottle opener and has a 400 lb maximum capacity. When the party ends and it's not in use, it also doubles as a bench and storage bin.

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  • Hand-made barn board construction
  • Fully functional insulated cooler with a galvanized steel liner
  • Built-in drain plug and bottle opener
  • Double as a bench when not in use
  • Four 4 inch nylon wheels (2 with brake)
  • 400-lb. capacity

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