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Silicone Mesh Hamburger Bun Pan

Silicone Mesh Hamburger Bun Pan

Silicone Mesh Hamburger Bun Pan

If you love hamburgers and enjoy making things from scratch, then make your own healthier homemade hamburger buns before the next cookout with this cool new Silicone Mesh Hamburger Bun Pan. This unique hamburger bun baking pan is made from perforated silicone mesh that lets moisture escape and allows for optimal heat circulation to cook perfect evenly-sized hamburger buns from top to bottom. The nonstick, silicone mesh pan can make up to six hamburger buns, is flexible and can roll up for space-saving storage, and is can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. It also pairs nicely with the Hot Dog Buns Silicone Baking Pan. 🍔😋

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