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Milkmaid - Smart Milk Jug Monitors Your Milk

Milkmaid - Smart Milk Jug Monitors Your Milk

Milkmaid - Smart Milk Jug Monitors Your Milk

Sure you could simply give your milk a quick sniff, but the cool new Milkmaid - Smart Milk Jug is a state-of-the-art way to monitor your milk. This innovative quart-sized glass milk jug uses pH sensors to detect how long the milk has left until it spoils or if it already has, a smart base with a weight sensor that tells how many cups are left, and a temperature sensor that alerts you when the milk has been left out of the fridge for too long. It even has a free iPhone app that lets you access this data remotely, so you'll know when to pick up more at the store. A cool idea that's still in development at, so if you think this handy invention needs to exist, click on over and show your support.

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  • Quart size milk jug is a glass container that plugs into a smart base that stays in your fridge
  • Senses if your milk is spoiled as well as how soon it will spoil by using pH sensors
  • Weight sensor in the base will also tell you how many cups of milk you have left
  • Temperature sensor to alert you when your milk is left out too long to minimize the risk of developing harmful bacteria
  • All of this information can be accessed remotely by a free iPhone app

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