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Ship-in-a-Bottle Decanter

Ship-in-a-Bottle Decanter

Ship-in-a-Bottle Decanter

What's the point of spending all that time building a ship in a bottle and then not giving it something to sail upon? This cool new Ship-in-a-Bottle Decanter is a nautical-inspired decanter crafted from borosilicate glass that depicts a ship-in-a-bottle floating upon a sea of your favorite booze... like pirate rum! The bottle and ship are handcrafted from detailed borosilicate glass and includes a cork stopper. Best of all, no hobbyist skills or assembly required. It also works great for holding blue mouthwash too.

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  • Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
  • Proudly display your favourite tipple in this epic nautical vessel
  • Handmade from borosilicate glass and superbly detailed
  • Fill it up with rum, grog or whatever floats your boat
  • Cork stopper for a satisfying *POP* each time you make a drink
  • Hearty 75cl capacity

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