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In-Shell Egg Scrambler - Makes a Golden Egg

In-Shell Egg Scrambler - Makes a Golden Egg

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Tired of washing bowls and whisks after making scrambled eggs? Have fussy kids that won't eat the nutritious egg yolk? Wish you could have all the golden eggs you want without a magic goose? Then check out this cool new ProKitchen Egg Scrambler. This unique kitchen contraption scrambles any ordinary egg right inside its own shell shell. Just insert an egg, pull the rope to get the egg spinning to mix the yolk and the egg white inside, and then either hard boil it to make a golden egg or crack it directly into a frying pan without needing to scramble it first. It's not only convenient in the kitchen, it's also fun to use and makes a cool gift. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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PoachPod - Silicone Egg Poachers
The PoachPod makes it easy to cook and customize poached eggs - without the mess.
Glass Wood Pattern Cutting Boards
I really like these Glass Wood Pattern Cutting Boards. I need a good cutting board and I like the look of wood, but I just don't trust wooden cutting boards with bacteria, germs, etc., plus they are hard to wash and keep clean. These new glass cutting boards only appear to look like wood because they incorporate digital prints beneath the glass and are completely sterile and a snap to wash up. Unique.
Talking Measuring Cup
This innovative measuring cup measures and then verbally announces the volume and weight of any added wet or dry ingredients up to 3 cups.
Grate and Store
Innovative grating set combines the cheese grater and storage container all-in-one!
Rocket Ship Pepper Grinder
This sleek, rocket ship-shaped pepper mill from outer space was actually handcrafted by metal smiths in Vermont using centuries-old metalworking techniques.
Hamama Green Onion Kit - ReGrow Green Onions in Days With Ease
Just add water to the growing tray, insert a coco mat, place the bamboo lid on top, and insert the chopped off root ends of green onions you bought at the store into the slots - up to 39 at a time. In about a week, the green onions will regrow and can be snipped off at the root end where it will continue to regrow a new green onion several times.
Table Grazing Extra Long Cheese Board
This massive oak serving board is nearly 4 feet long and can span the middle of a tabletop to present multiple cheeses, meats, fruits, sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, and other tasty bites to your hungry guests.
Alessi Water Tower Kitchen Container
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In-Shell Egg Scrambler - Makes a Golden Egg
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In-Shell Egg Scrambler - Makes a Golden Egg
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In-Shell Egg Scrambler - Makes a Golden Egg
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In-Shell Egg Scrambler - Makes a Golden Egg
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In-Shell Egg Scrambler - Makes a Golden Egg
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