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Filthy Rich Money Napkins

Filthy Rich Money Napkins

Filthy Rich Money Napkins

When you wipe your mouth, place under a cocktail, or crumble up and toss into a fireplace, these cool new Filthy Rich Money Napkins are sure to cause a few incredulous double-takes. These fun cocktail napkins are designed to look like $100 bills and are a great way to put your money where your mouth, plus add an extra splash of extravagance to any party. Each pack only comes with 12 napkins, so if you plan on having a huge soiree, you better plan on coughing up a few real bucks.

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  • It's time to put your money where your mouth
  • Refine your cocktail party experience with these high quality, high falutin napkins will keep you looking like a million bucks
  • Extravagant addition to your soirée that it so richly deserves
  • Pack of 12 cocktail napkins are chlorine-free, unbleached paper

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