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Visual Measuring Cups - Shape Indicates the Size

Visual Measuring Cups - Shape Indicates the Size

Visual Measuring Cups - Shape Indicates the Size

These cool new Visual Measuring Cups from Welcome Industries are a convenient set of four measuring cups that can easily be identified just by their shape or feel. One cup is a full circle, a half cup is a half circle, and the third and quarter cups are the appropriate-shaped semicircles. With just a glance or when digging through a drawer, you can find the correct cup for your recipe. They're made in the USA from shatterproof, BPA-free Tritan, nest neatly inside each other for compact storage, and are dishwasher safe. They also make Visual Measuring Spoons as well.

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  • Find the right cup at an intuitive glance with this set of Visual Measuring Cups based on basic geometry
  • The shape tells the size— no more struggling to read the labels
  • 1 cup measure is a full circle, while the half, third, and quarter cups are shaped like their corresponding semicircles
  • Eg: A half simply looks like half
  • All cups nest neatly for convenient storage
  • Made of high quality, shatterproof, and BPA-free Tritan material
  • Dishwasher safe - will not crack, craze or discolor
  • Great for kids - fun way to learn fractions
  • Made in USA

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