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2-in-1 Watercooler with Built-In Ice Maker

2-in-1 Watercooler with Built-In Ice Maker

This cool new Costway 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice Maker is a sleek freestanding watercooler that can dispense clean and refreshing cold, hot, or room temperature water like most, except this one also has a filtered built-in ice maker that can produce up to 27 lbs of bullet ice cubes per day or 9 every 6-14 minutes. A convenient solution for anyone who needs access to water and ice, like in an office break room, home bar, or anywhere you can think of.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support the site. Thanks!
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


  • Watercooler dispenser with built-in ice maker
  • Brings the convenience of a refreshing water dispenser and a filtered ice maker together into one
  • Never have to deal with pesky ice trays ever again
  • Can make 9 bullet ice cubes at a time in 6-14 minutes
  • Built-in ice maker is able to make up to 27lbs per day
  • A Tri-temp push button faucet to dispense cold, hot and room-temperature water
  • Loads from the top and allows you to spot if the dispenser is running out of water
  • LED indicators make it easy to see whether the water dispenser is on or off and whether it's heating, cooling or making ice
  • User-friendly control panel to start making ice, hot or cold water
  • Anti-rust drip tray is easy to clean
  • Equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water spout
  • Ice making time: 6-14 Minutes
  • Ice storage capacity: 4 lbs
  • Ice making capacity : 27 lbs / 24 Hrs
  • Hot water capacity: 5 L / hour
  • Cool water capacity: 4L/hour
  • Size: 12" L x 14" W x 39" H - 40 lbs

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