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Manchurian Scorpions - Tasty Pack of Edible Scorpions... Stinger and All!

Manchurian Scorpions - Tasty Pack of Edible Scorpions... Stinger and All!

No matter whether you want to get into the foodie movement to eat more tasty, protein-packed insects, enjoy trying daring new flavorful delicacies, ran out of Halloween candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters, need an interesting alternative for anchovies on your homemade pizza, or just need a good stocking stuffer idea for a really naughty kid, then check out these cool new Manchurian Scorpions. Inside each package are six completely edible dried Chinese Golden scorpions that can be safely consumed whole from their pinchers all the way down to their stinger tail. Sure, it may sound horrifying at first, but you know you're curious to try one or could at least make a fun YouTube video of your #ScorpionChallenge attempt. Also, I'm sure the taste of a little scorpion is going to be much more of a texture problem than a flavor one. YumMmm!


  • Edible Chinese Golden scorpions
  • Species: Mesobuthus martensii
  • A pack of six dried, edible scorpions - stinger and all!
  • These dried arachnids are 100% edible - pinchers, thorax, and even the stinger!
  • They even naturally glow under a blacklight!
  • Some say they taste like shrimp, others like a salty delicacy with its own distinct flavor
  • Scorpion poison is inert and harmless
  • Allergy information: If you are allergic to shellfish or crustaceans, you may also be allergic to insects. Products may be from manufacturing facilities that process milk, eggs, and peanuts.

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