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MSCHF Big Fruit Loop

MSCHF Big Fruit Loop

MSCHF Big Fruit Loop

This cool new Big Fruit Loop from MSCHF, a mischievous Brooklyn-based art collective that releases unusual works/drops, is just that, a single gigantic fruit-flavored breakfast cereal loop in a random color that takes up an entire cereal box. This single serving mega fruit loop weighs almost half a pound, is 930 calories, tastes almost like the little loop versions, and will most likely be very limited, sell out quickly, or get shut down, but you can try to grab one of your very own on December 19, 2022 at the link below or download their app to be notified of new drops like this. Hmm, they should make a super-sized one that you can float around in the pool on or in a giant bowl of milk. - Via: Yahoo

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