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Living Moss Wall

Living Moss Wall

Living Moss Wall

Why hang a painting on the wall depicting something outside in nature, when you can just hang up nature itself? This cool new Living Moss Wall is a large decorative panel of real moss that has been preserved forever in its natural green state and never needs to be watered, placed in the sun, or fussed with. It's surrounded by a wooden frame to complete its oil painting-like look and allows it to be hung on the wall indoors.

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  • Turn your home into a land enchanted with this preserved Living Moss Wall
  • The moss maintains its natural texture through the preservation process
  • Appears lush and green without ever needing to be watered
  • Preserved moss on metal and wood base and casing
  • No watering, sunlight or maintenance required
  • Perfect for adding unique visual interest to kitchens, living rooms, sun rooms, patios and more
  • Handmade
  • Indoor use only
  • Size: 36" W x 2" D x 70" H - 45 lbs

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