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Terra Cotta Thumb Pot Watering Jug

Terra Cotta Thumb Pot Watering Jug

Terra Cotta Thumb Pot Watering Jug


No one wants to drag around a heavy hose just to water a few potted plants on the patio and a regular boring old watering can just doesn't add much wonder and excitement to one's day. This cool new yet quite old-fashioned Terra Cotta Thumb Pot Watering Jug is an interesting alternative. This unique watering jug is handmade from glazed terra cotta and is operated by filling it from the bottom by submerging it down into a bucket or rain barrel of water, then sealing it by placing a thumb over the hole on top to create a vacuum, lifting it up, positioning it over a thirsty plant, and then releasing that same thumb to unleash a gentle, yet soaking shower. Repeat as needed. Sure you still need to fill a bucket with water, but it's still way more fun to use and makes a unique conversation piece, unlike the garden hose.

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