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Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

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If you don't have much of a green thumb, then let this cool new Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor to precisely monitor your indoor plants and keep you alerted through an iOS or web app. This innovative plant sensor analyzes sunlight levels, water levels, soil and fertilizer consistency, temperature and pH levels so you don't have to and uses wi-fi to provide 24/7 access to your plants vitals or to send out emails and push notifications in case of an emergency. On it's app, it even includes a Plant Cyclopaedia that provides a complete catalog of HD images and in-depth information about your plant. Very handy, but now I wish all my plants could all have their very own Twitter and Facebook accounts to socially share their well-being all day long. Well, maybe not.

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You'll probably see a lot of flowers, plants, and weeds completely overgrowing and re-consuming our cities after the inevitable apocalypse and this cool new Haisui Water Drain Cover Planter from Japan is here now to remind us of this incredible power of nature.
Tab A/B - Ashtray Vase or Planter
Designer Vitamin has come up with a interesting way to conceal and camouflage this nasty habit with the cool new Tab A and Tab B ashtrays. Tab A combines an ashtray bottom with a vase that sits on top. Tab B is the same, but has has a planter cover instead.
Fancy Plants - Miniature Gazing Ball Plant Ornament
This shrunk down iconic chromed blue lawn ball figurine is made of reinforced polystone and features a spiked base to hold it securely into the soil.
Magic Wish Beans - Sprouts Reveal Secret Messages
Beans that sprout with secret messages imprinted on. Beans don't get much cooler than this.
Rocket Ship Planter
This out of this world ceramic planter looks like the backend of a retro rocket ship that simulates a fiery blast when you plant a flame-like plant such as a snake or aloe plant.
Chive Gideon Fuzzy Vase - Ceramic Air Plant and Bud Vase
A unique ceramic vase with elevated teeth that puts an air plant (blooms and buds too) up on a proper pedestal.
Petal Cascade Water Fountain
Fuses a decorative plant with a relaxing fountain into a single tranquil sculpture that enhances your decor indoors or out!
Bel-Air - Plant Powered Living Air Filter
A mini mobile greenhouse device that draws indoor polluted air in through a fan, into a pyrex pod that houses a potted plant and forces it through the three main natural filters of the leaves, the roots, and the humidity before releasing it back out as purified air.
Fleece Plant Tunnels
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Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor
blow into the iPhone's microphone and the whole screen becomes a foggy dripping wet haze that you can draw or write messages on. As you draw or tilt the iPhone, little water droplets form and slide down the screen and it even makes that squeaking rubbing sound as you clear away the steam as well.
Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor
These high-tech bootie-style slippers transform you into a partial cyborg as each step you take generates a terrifying mechanical Vrrr - Clank noise.
Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor
This wireless smart plant sensor monitors sunlight, soil moisture, fertilizer, and ambient air temperature and alerts you on your iPhone or iPad through a free app when it needs your attention.
Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor
Cool new iPhone App that uses augmented reality to let you experience fully immersive 3D air combat right inside your home or office!

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