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Giant Robot Slippers With Sound

Giant Robot Slippers With Sound

Giant Robot Slippers With Sound

If you're going to be groggily stomping around every morning looking for a caffeinated beverage to wake you up, then these cool new Giant Robot Slippers With Sound will help. These high-tech bootie-style slippers transform you into a partial cyborg as each step you take generates a terrifying mechanical Vrrr/Clank noise. They may look like they're constructed from exotic metals in some top secret robotics research lab, but they're actually made from comfy polyester fabric with no-slip dots underneath. They also make nice slippers for actual killer robots as well.

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  • Bootie-style slippers make your feet look and sound like you're a robot
  • One size fits lots of adult humans
  • Step-reactive vrrrrrr-clank noise
  • On/off switch on the sound box allows you to sneak around like a big-footed ninja when circumstances call for it
  • Bottom fabric coated with no-slip dots
  • Materials: 100% polyester

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