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iSteam - iPhone Steam Simulator App

iSteam - iPhone Steam Simulator App

iSteam - iPhone Steam Simulator App


If you have an Apple iPhone, you need to download this fun and FREE new application called the iSteam - iPhone Steam Simulator App. Once the app is installed, simply blow into the iPhone's microphone and the whole screen becomes a foggy dripping wet haze that you can draw or write messages on. As you draw or tilt the iPhone, little water droplets actually form and slide down the screen and it even makes that irritating squeaking rubbing sound as you clear away the steam as well. Just shake the iPhone to clear the screen and you can start over. Check out this VIDEO to see this incredibly realistic app in action! Cool huh?

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  • Blow on your mic to haze the screen. (iPod users need external mic)
  • Use your fingers to write messages and draw, just like you would on a steamy window
  • Shake your iPhone to clear the screen and start over
  • Watch the droplets form and leave their mark thanks to our unique SteamX physics
  • Finger squeaking sounds included
  • Choose which of your favorite images you want to iSteam
  • Impress your friends by sending them your masterpiece creations
  • iSteam exploits all the features of your iPhone (accelerometer, multitouch, microphone, speakers)

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