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Sky Siege - Augmented Reality Combat Simulator

Sky Siege - Augmented Reality Combat Simulator

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Virtual Reality took us inside the computer world and now Augmented Reality brings the computer world outside to us. When you combine both, you get this incredibly cool new app for the iPhone 3GS called Sky Siege. Just download this amazing 3D air combat simulator and attempt to gun down hostile helicopter gunships and jet bombers coming at you from all angles, right in your very own living room or office. As you move and turn around in real life, the game uses your own surroundings as the backdrop, your display is the gun turret and the window looking in and you are the target of this full-on battle happening right before your eyes. It features 32 levels of frantic gameplay, takes full advantage of the digital compass and accelerometer and if you score enough points, you can even unlock the ability to fly a virtual remote control helicopter around the room. A truly fun and immersive experience that is just the beginning of even cooler augmented reality applications still to come.

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