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AIRY Air Purifying Planter

AIRY Air Purifying Planter

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Want cleaner air and a refreshing splash of nature around your home or office? Then check out this cool new AIRY - Air Purifying Planter. This innovative planter not only helps feed plants what they crave, that pesky carbon dioxide, it also amplifies a plants' natural power to clean the air of pollutants by up to eight times. Based on scientific studies by NASA, exposing the roots, not the leaves, of certain houseplants to the air increases their ability to filter out, absorb, and neutralize particular particles from the air like Benzene, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, and more. This planter helps a houseplant do that by ventilating the roots through an innovative pot, a substrate growing medium, water, sun, and the plant itself - no power or filters required. Perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and most definitely, offices.

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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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AIRY Air Purifying Planter
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