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WonderTop - Stainless Steel Kitchen Prep Worktop

WonderTop - Stainless Steel Kitchen Prep Worktop

When preparing food there's never quite enough space in the kitchen, especially when you need to slice and dice up a bunch of different ingredients. The solution is this cool new and ingeniously convenient WonderTop. This heavy duty stainless steel worktop slides over your countertops to keep them clean and underneath your little cutting board to give plenty of extra space to work. Best of all, it has raised edges that can hold up to 50 oz of fluids and prevent spills, messy crumbs, and food debris from getting out. It's perfect for slicing vegetables, assembling kabobs, working with a giant turkey or any meats and poultry, rolling out dough, or anytime you need a large sanitary space to prepare food. It even doubles as a tray when taking food out to the grill. Check out the video demo below to see it in action.

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