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Pinball Magic - Transforms iPad Into a Working Pinball Machine

Pinball Magic - Transforms iPad Into a Working Pinball Machine

I love pinball and I love playing pinball apps on my Apple iPad, but the visceral experience just isn't the same as playing in an old-school arcade. Well, the cool new Pinball Magic transforms your iPad into a real, working pinball machine, only smaller. Just download the Free Pinball Magic App from the App Store online store, slide your iPad into the device, pull back the plunger and play. It features single and multi-player pinball action with dual flippers, a ball launching plunger/shooter, oscillating LED light effects, and you can even enter into interactive pinball competitions with real prize giveaways. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with an iPad, so if you don't have one yet, get one, it's so cool!


  • Download the free app from the App Store online store
  • Recreates classic arcade pinball action on your iPad tablet for single or multiple players
  • Single and Multi-player games
  • Dual flippers, plunger / shooter, LED lights light up during multi-ball action

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