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Holiday Decorator's Toolvest

Holiday Decorator's Toolvest

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Do you consider yourself a professional in the twinkling world of outdoor holiday decorating? Then you need the proper gear in your quest to transform your home into a full-blown, over-illuminated winter wonderland. The cool new Holiday Decorator's Toolvest is a handy vest designed and used by holiday lighting professionals to help minimize trips up and down a ladder when hanging Christmas decorations.

This weather-resistant, heavy-duty polyester vest incorporates plenty of pockets, compartments and tool holders to help speed up the setup or take down of your seasonal displays. It features a specially designed storage pack on the back to stow up to 20 strands of lights that stay out of the way, but remain at the fingertips when needed, storage compartments with zippers to prevent spilling, a pocket with an embedded spring that clamps shut after withdrawing your hand, exterior pockets for tools, a pen, and a two-way radio, a lined, water-resistant compartment to hold a phone or MP3 player, and reflective strips to increase your visibility at night. Is it complete overkill to help give you the decorative advantage... absolutely!

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