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Aftershock - Block Balancing Game

Aftershock - Block Balancing Game

Aftershock - Block Balancing Game

When you combine shape stacking speed skills of Tetris with the block balancing precision of Jenga, you get this cool new game called Aftershock. When it's your turn, just press the button to see which color block you need to balance and stack on the tower's wobbly base before time runs out. After each successful round, the time gets faster and faster and if it runs out, the platform quakes and collapses the tower. The game comes with 18 blocks in 6 different shapes and features 3 levels of difficulty. Looks fun.

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  • Balance blocks on a wobbly platform before time runs out
  • 18 blocks come in 6 different shapes
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • 1 to 4 players can participate at once
  • Size: 11.9" x 11.1" x 2.6"

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