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Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb

Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb

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If you've got $40,000 to burn, love solving ultra-difficult puzzles, and want to take your dexterity skills to the edge, then you need to check out this cool new Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb. You'll have to think in three dimensions and expand your spatial understanding to guide a small marble through a complex maze of channels, zig-zags, hairpin turns, and more inside this gigantic tilt-able acrylic sphere. This luxurious handmade 3D puzzle has over 192' of track, 6 intertwined courses to play on, is affixed to a wooden base using a stainless steel gimbaled mount, and takes a whopping 400 hours to construct. The only downside to something this epically cool... again, it's $40,000, which is quite affordable to a select few.

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Authentic At Home Jeopardy!
Recreates the full experience of buzzing in to answer clues in the form of a question, minus the millions of people around the world watching you be utterly incorrect and Alex Trebek looking at you in disbelief.
KidWise Endless Fun 11-in-1 Inflatable Bouncer and Water Slide
This massive inflatable backyard play zone includes a water slide, bounce area, climbing wall, splash pool, and more... all-in-one.
Nite Hoops - Glow-In-The-Dark Basketball Net
It may look like an ordinary basketball net during the day, but when the lights go down it brightly illuminates a fluorescent green for up to 8 hours! Why didn't anyone think of this before?
Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
Take slipping and sliding across the lawn to the next level this summer with this monstrous 10 foot wide by 50 foot long backyard water slide with inflatable side bumpers.
Roll Up Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Mat
Just roll out this high quality black felt mat when you want to work on a jigsaw puzzle and then use the inflatable tube like a rolling pin to roll it all up for storage afterwards... without moving a single piece.
Water Rocket Sprinkler
This little rocket ship rises high off it's water jet launchpad and hangs suspended in mid-air as it rotates and sprays water 360 degrees all around it.
Original Buddha Board - Self-Erasing Zen Canvas
Practice the Zen concept of living in the moment as you paint with water on this magic self-erasing canvas.
Box Of Applause
Fulfilling your ego's desire for overwhelming appreciation is all this box does and it does it well!
Plant Maze Science Kit
Can a simple bean sprout grow its way through a complicated maze? Watch in amazement as it sprouts, grows, and winds its way up through a maze that you design.

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Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
These handmade beech wood salt and pepper mills are inspired by artist manikins with fully articulated and jointed fingers on top and a ceramic grinding mechanism on the bottom.
Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
Large faux marble stone boulders that illuminate from within to give any room a bit of natural serene ambiance.
Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
A set of two rustic bookends crafted from reclaimed teak root in Indonesia.
Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
Maybe you need a cool decoration for Halloween, a strange nut bowl for your home or are performing in a steampunk-ified performance of Hamlet, this flip top industrial cranium fraught with a drill chuck eye, steam valves and intertwined gears is just what you need.
Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
The Rubik's Cube table is inspired by the classic toy and makes a cool end table or coffee table. Thankfully, the colored cubes in this version don't actually move, so it will always be in a perpetual state of solved.
Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
This charming hand-cast stone planter is shaped like a tree stump that comes complete with a little door and window on the side.
Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
This jaw-dropping and somewhat terrifying giant sculpture of a voracious wolf is handmade from 20 gage sheet metal with five coats of high gloss clear coat finish.
Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
These massive hardwood chopsticks stand nearly 6 feet tall, are 3 inches square, and look just like the real thing, only way, way, way bigger.
Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb
Sculptural metal kinetic yard art powered by the breeze that resembles a spiraling movie filmstrip.

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