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Shocking Liar Truth Detector Game

Shocking Liar Truth Detector Game

Shocking Liar Truth Detector Game

I must be sadistic or something, because I love all of these cool new toys that give off electric shocks. I've only braved trying the Shocking Roulette Game so far and yes it gives off quite a little jolt. The latest evil shocker comes in the form of a truth detector called the Shocking Liar Game.

Strap in the hand of your "friend" and get the truth out by asking questions. The first couple of questions will simply be control questions and the built-in computer analyzes their responses. Now go ahead and let the real interrogation begin. If they tell a lie, the Shocking Liar will know and give them a well deserved zap! This could be the first time telling the truth doesn't hurt. Not suitable for people that suffer from epilepsy, pregnant women, those with pacemakers and the timid.

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