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Gigantic Wall Scrabble Game

Gigantic Wall Scrabble Game

Gigantic Wall Scrabble Game

When you take the original 1949 edition of the classic board game Scrabble, blow it up to gigantic proportions, and then hang it on the wall to be used as full blown playable artwork, you get this cool new Wall Scrabble Game. This gigantic wooden version of Scrabble is played vertically on the wall using letter tiles with strong magnets and a built-in chalkboard on the side helps you keep score. It even includes a big fabric bag to hold all the letters. Unfortunately, at $1495 you might want to consider the much more affordable little horizontal version or even the app.

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  • Gigantic wall-mounted Scrabble has everything its tabletop predecessors have
  • Colors and graphics based on the original 1949 edition
  • Built-in chalkboard lets you keep track of the score
  • Strong magnets keep the letters in their squares
  • Includes fabric bag for the letter tiles
  • Crafted from wood
  • Size: 80" W x 3" D x 59" H

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