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Gummy Tongues

Gummy Tongues

Gummy Tongues

Biting your tongue is not usually fun or tasty, but these cool new Gummy Tongues most definitely are. Choose from the following giant gummy tongues: Red Cherry Joker, Green Lime Viper or Orange Witch and bite the groove at the base to hold it your mouth, yet keep the other end wiggling out of it. When you've finished being disgustingly rude with your food, bite down and enjoy.



  • Three styles/flavors or get one of each with the three pack
  • Bite groove at the base for easy holding in your mouth
  • Hand-made from a delicious family recipe
  • Gluten-free
  • Cherry Joker - Red - 5" L
  • Orange Witch - Orange - 6.25" L
  • Lime Viper - Green - 6.5" L

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