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Pie Pop Baking Kit

Pie Pop Baking Kit

Pie Pop Baking Kit

When you crave pie, but don't want to eat a whole slice, the solution is to make pie pops. The cool new Pie Pop Baking Kit fuses the tastiness of pie with the bite-sized convenience of a lollipop into an ingenious new treat called a pie pop. Just roll out some pie dough, use the included stamper to make perfect circles and place them in the mold, add your favorite fillings and a stick, seal them up, and bake. In the end, you'll have eight flaky and buttery pie pops on a stick that are sure to get gobbled up fast.

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  • Create perfect sized treats for all ages and tastes
  • Enough room for 8 pie pops
  • Simply stamp, fill and seal
  • Cut and Press Tool cuts the crust to the correct size
  • Lid doubles as a display tray and holds sauces, toppings and other snacks

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